Церковь Санта Мария делла Виттория
Church of Santa Maria della Vittoria
Church dedicated to the Virgin (of the Victory).
The church was built by the Discalced Carmelite Friars, with financial support from Cardinal Scipione Borghese.

It was first named San Paolo, St Paul's, after an older chapel on the site. At the battle of the White Mountain at Prague in 1620, the imperial forces saved Bohemia for the Church, and their Carmelite chaplain had carried a picture of the Nativity around his neck. The image was brought to Prague, and from there to Rome. It was at first taken to Santa Maria Maggiore, and from there carried in procession to San Paolo, which was still unfinished. It was then decided to dedicate the church to the Blessed Virgin in gratitude for the victory.

It was partially destroyed by fire in 1833, and later restored.

Construction started in 1603 or 1608, led by Carlo Maderno.
Baroque church.
The facade is by Giovanni Battista Soria, designed in 1626. He was influenced by Maderno's facade on Santa Susanna, on the left side across the road from this church.
The general design is reminiscent of Maderno's earlier work at Sant'Andrea della Valle.
The Baroque style entered the church later, partly through Bernini's cappella Cornaro.
The interior is a good example of the Baroque style taken to its extremes, with a very good result.
It is fascinating that this church is by the same architect as Santa Susanna across the road, which is in a very different style.
капелла Корнаро
cappella Cornaro chapel opposite the Ecstasy chapel chapel
choir gallery
фонтан Моисея
fountain of Moses Turkish standards captured at the siege of Vienna in 1683 hang in the church.
The present titular of church is H.E. Giuseppe Cardinal Caprio.
посвящённый предмет:
Virgin hram