Церковь Санта Мария делль Умилта
Church of Santa Maria dell'Umilta, or Virgin of Humility
Church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Maria.

The church was built for a community founded by the widow Francesca Baglioni of Perugia. She was the daughter of Catharina de Medici and niece of Pope Clement VII, and had been married into the Orsini family. The community was founded on the Rule of St Francis of Sales. Pope Paul V sent three monks from the monastery Santa Maria Maddalena on the Quirinal to introduce the community to Dominican precepts.

In 1853, the convent complex was given to the North American College, which is still there, by Pope Pius IX.

The architect was Paolo Marucelli.
Changes were made around 1680 by Carlo Fontana.

The facade was designed by Carlo Fontana in 1680, on orders from Pope Innocent XI. It was somewhat modified in 1853, but remains more or less as it was in the 17th century. Above the entrance is a bas-relief by Vincenzo Felici.

The Baroque marble and stucco decorations in interior are by Carlo Fontana, made 1710, and were paid for by a nun from a wealthy family.

The interior was completed by Alessandro Dori in 1737.
the largest chapel
icon орган
The organ is one of the most beautiful in Rome.
The church is always closed to the general public.
It is possible to arrange a visit through the North American College.
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