Церковь Санта Мария дель Пополо
Church of Santa Maria del Popolo (or Populo), or Virgin of the People
Church dedicated to Virgin.

A chapel dedicated to Our Lady was built here, over the Roman tombs of the Domitii family, by Pope Paschal II in 1099. It was financed by the people of Rome, which explains its appellation. Tradition claims that emperor Nero was buried on the slope of the Pincian hill by the piazza. In 1099, Pope Paschal II had his remains disinterred and thrown into the Tiber at the request of those who lived in the area. The chapel was built were the grave had been.

It was enlarged and consecrated as a church by Pope Gregory IX (1227-1241).

Baccio Pontelli rebuilt it between 1472 and 1479 on the orders of Pope Sixtus IV, making this one of the first Renaissance churches. He also had a monastery built adjacent to the church, and both were given to the Augustinian monks. It was in this monastery that Martin Luther stayed during his visit to Rome in 1511.

Bernini carried out alterations to the facade and the interior in the 17th century, on orders from Pope Alexander VII (1655-1667).

The present titular of this church is H.E. Hyacinthe cardinal Thiandoum, archbishop of Dakar.

The Augustianian friars sang office there earlier, when there was a larger community here.

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The Cistercian vaults in the nave and aisles have been preserved, but Bernini had them decorated with saints and angels in stucco.
The apse was designed by Bramante.

The choir was extended by Bramante between 1500 and 1509, on orders from Pope Julius II.

капелла делла Ровере
cappella della Rovere
cappella Cerasi
капелла Киджи
cappella Chigi
cappella Costa, at the end of the right aisle
cappela Cybo, the next after chapel of St Augustine on the right-hand side Capella Mellini cappela , the next after cappela of Cybo on the right-hand side придел св. Августина
chapel of St Augustine, on the right-hand side right transept крестильня
baptistery галерея
Next to the church is a gallery run by the Augustinians. They usually have exhibitions of the works of young Italian artists.


icon иконостас
altarpiece The story of Nero's grave is depicted at the arch above the high altar in gilded stucco relief.

Behind the sanctuary are the funerary monuments of Ascanio cardinal Sforza, died 1505, and Girolamo Basso cardinal della Rovere, died 1507, both by Andrea Sansovino.

You will see the coat-of-arms of the architect Pontelli, an oak tree, in several places.

daily 07.00-12.00 and 16.00-19.00; Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation 08.00-13.30 and 16.30-19.00
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