Церковь Санта Мария деи Мираколи
Church of Santa Maria dei Mirakoli, Virgin of Miracles
One of the twin churches of the Piazza del Popolo, dedicated to Our Lady.
Другой является церковь Санта Мария ин Монтесанто.
The sister church is the Santa Maria in Montesanto.
The church is served by the Priests of the Sacred Heart.
The twin churches were built on the orders of Pope Alexander VII after his predecessors had constructed the Piazza del Popolo. The first architect was Carlo Rainaldi, and work was continued by Bernini and Carlo Fontana.

At first it seems identical to its sister church, but there are differences. Both have a portico with a classical tympanon, and are covered by a dome with fish-scale tiles. The church has a circular plan and an octagonal dome.

first chapel on the right-hand side
bell tower
The statues on the facade depict various saints.
At the high altar you can see the miraculous image of the Blessed Virgin which has given the church its name.
The church has sculptures by Antonio Raggi.
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