Церковь Санта Мария Аддолората а Пиацца Буэнос Айрес
Church of Santa Maria Addolorata a Piazza Buenos Aires, or Virgin of Sorrows at Piazza Buenos Aires
Church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
The Argentinian national church.

The church was founded by the Argentinian priest Msgr. Jose Leon Gallardo with donations from the Argentinian bishops. The first stone was laid on 9 July 1910, the centenary of Argentinian independence. Mrs. Seaz Pena, wife of the President of the Republic of Argentine, was present at the ceremony. Construction took twenty years, and the church was finally inaugurated in 1930.

Argentine was the first Latin American country to have a national church in Rome.

Until 1989, the church was served by Mercedarian fathers; it is now served by Argentinian diocesan clergy.

Adjacent to the church is also the community of the Argentinian diocesan priests who serve the church.

The facade has two stories, and is built in the style of ancient Christian architecture. In the centre is a depiction of the Lamb and symbols of the four Evangelists. There are also depictions of four palms symbolizing Paradise, of the four biblical rivers and symbols of the tvelwe apostles.

The church is built in a Roman-Byzantine style, with three aisles divided by Ionic columns. The architect was Giuseppe Astorri.

The floor is of polychrome marble laid in geometric patterns. In the centre is the coat-of-arms of Argentine. A memorial slab to Msgr. Gallardo is also set in the floor; it was presented by the Argentinian cardinals and bishops in 1964, when they were convened in Rome for the 2nd Vatican Council.

The high altar is decorated with onyx, and is covered by a baldachino supported by four granite columns in the Corinthian order. The choir is separated from the nave with an altar ring of white marble with intaglia. Bronze gates in the altar ring have the coat-of-arms of Argentine and of the Order of Mercedari.

The pulpit and lectern is decorated in the Cosmatesque style.

It was made a titular church in 1967 by Pope Paul VI, with Nicolas cardinal Fasolino as the first cardinal priest.
The present titular priest is Raul Francisco cardinal Primatesta.
Mass is celebrated in Spanish on the first Sunday in the month, and more irregularly on other occasions.
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The feast of Virgin of Sorrows is celebrated on 15 September and 15 February (due to different calendars placing the feast on different days, it is celebrated twice in this church).
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