Церковь Санта Мария делла Пиета
Church of Santa Maria della Pieta, or Virgin of Pieta
Church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
The church is also known as San Gregorio della Divina Pieta; according to legend it was built on the site of St Gregory the Great's birthplace.
It was renovated by Pope Benedict XIII in 1729, and given to the Congregazione degli Operai della Divina Pieta, the Congregation of the Works of Divine Piety. The congregation assisted aristocratic families who had fallen upon hard times.
The church faces the Ghetto, and on its facade can be seen a reproach to the Jews. The text of Isaias 65.2 is written in both Latin and Hebrew: "All day long I have stretched out my hands to a disobedient and faithless nation".
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