Церковь Санта Мария делл Орто
Church of Santa Maria dell'Orto, or Virgin of the Garden
Church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Construction of a chapel started in 1419, but work was slow. Its origin is a Madonna painted over a nearby garden gate, for which the Corporation of Fruit Growers wanted to build a chapel.
It was decided to build a church to replace the chapel, and about 1530, Giulio Romano designed parts of the church, and later Guidetto Guidetti made alterations.
In 1579 it was finally completed.
The exterior is plain and doesn't look very inviting.
On the roof are several obelisks, probably added in 1762.
Note the tombstones that reveal that the church belonged to various trade corporations.
A curious part of the decoration is a beautifully carved turkey. It was placed here in the 18th century by the Guild of Chicken-sellers to commemorate the arrival of the first turkey from America.
The church is usually locked, but you might be lucky and find it open - during a visit to Rome it's likely that you'll spend some time in Trastevere anyway, so you might as well check.
The best way to get in is to check the notices on walls by the church - there are sometimes concerts here late in the evening.
It is also usually open for Mass on Sunday mornings.
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