Церковь Сладкое лобзание
Church of Virgin the Sweet kiss
You reach the top of the rock by climbing the 114 steps carved into the stone. From the church the view of Petra and the surrounding sea and countryside is spectacular extending all the way to the coast of Asia Minor.

A beautiful legend concerning the building of the church on this high rock has come down to us: In days of old a storm bought a religious captain to the shores of the area. One morning the captain noticed that the Icon of the Blessed Virgin, which he always had with him, was missing. He looked for it everywhere but to no avail. That evening he saw a strange light shining seemingly suspended between sky and earth. He climbed up the rock and found his icon placed before a lighted lamp. He took it back to his boat but again it disappeared and again he found it on top of the rock. He decided to build a small church there since that was obviously the wish of the Blessed Virgin. There is a great celebration there on August 15th. Below the rock is the tiny church of Agios Nikolaos. Inside, the small church is decorated with 16th century wall paintings that are colorful and inspirational and worth a trip to the village.

о. Лесбос (Греция)
1609 - .
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