Церковь Каменская - Знаменская
The church of the Holy Mother – Kamensko
The exact date of the construction and fresco painting of the church Holy Mother – Kamensko is not known.
It is located in the old part of the town, up the street from the quarter Chinar (the famous old cedar three).
Research indicate that it was built in the XVII century.
An inscription was discovered in the interior of the church that indicates that the church was extended in 1832.
According to another inscription found in the interior, in 1863 Dico the Master painted the frescoes in the church.
Again, in 1924 certain interventions were performed on the frescoes.
One characteristic of the church is its iconostasis.
Its author is unknown, but the assumption is that he was a Mijak master.
The structure of the iconostasis is divided into five horizontal sections.
The first section consists of 12 small pillars, six on each side of the royal ports, with bouquets between them painted with uniform flowers placed into vases.
The secondsection also contains 12 small pillars that divide the throne icons.
The third section consists of lunettes.
The fourth section is actually a frieze ornamented by vine and grapes and with 12 medallions each depicting an angel.
Two dragons, and a large cross with the scene of "The Crucifixion" with Virgin on the left and St John on the right side are painted on the top section of the iconostasis.
The characteristic of this iconostasis is that it does not contain any human figures, nor does it have scenes with motifs.
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