Больничная церковь
Church of Hospital Virgin or St Bogorodica Bolnicka
Охрид (Македония) (14 в. )
The church is located in the immediate vicinity of the town's ramparts near the Lower Gate.
To the present day no relevant records have been found that could confirm the date of the construction and fresco painting of the church.
However, the style of the architecture and frescoes indicate that it originates from the XIV century.

The church underwent numerous reconstructions, both in fresco painting and in the structure.

The first fresco painter showed good quality work, whereas the second phase of the fresco painting was done in a haste.

That resulted in an uneven mortar surface.
A number of icons were also found in the church.
Master Nicholas from Debar painted them during the construction of the iconostasis.
An inscription on the iconostasis reveals the date of its creation, 1833.

There are numerous graves of priests and monks around the church.

фреска (14...17 в. )
Virgin hram