Собор Благовещенский
Greek Orthodox Cathedral "The Annunciation"
Колумбия (США)
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North America
555 N. High Street
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614-224-9020
Fax: 614-224-5032
The mosaics within the cathedral consist of roughly 5 million tiles of Venetian glass, marble and 24-carat gold sandwiched in a thin layer between two pieces of glass. They are the work of an Italian artisan.
The main stained glass windows on the upper portion of the cathedral on the north side (the left as one faces the altar) depicts the nativity, with Child laying in the manger, the star of Bethlehem shining down on the manger and on the reclining Maria and the angel announcing to the shepherds on the right the good news of Christ’s birth.
A choir loft can be found in the balcony located behind and above the nave. It features a round icon of the Annunciation in stained glass.
The center of everyone’s attention as they sit in church is the altar itself and the mosaic of the Virgin in the apse of the altar. The altar is separated from the nave of the Orthodox church by a wall ornamented with icons. This icon screen or icono
All Orthodox churches have icon screens and while they vary in degrees of detail and intricacy all must conform to a general scheme. In this scheme, the first icon panel to the right of the altar will always depict Christ. The second icon panel will alway
The main chandelier that hangs from the dome has 236 lights on it and is gold plated. The pendant at the bottom of this chandelier depicts one of the six-winged angels, the "Seraphim" that are described by the prophet Isaiah who saw them around God’s thron.


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