Собор Успенский
Cathedral of Dormition
Cathedral is one of the most wonderful, architectural monuments of Kharkov that have been preserved to our days. Erected in the centre of the elevated place, it is well seen from any part of the city. The brick building of the catherdral was constructed in 1687. On the eve of the Poltava Battle on June 2nd, 1709, the cathedral was visited by Peter I.
In 1733, during the great fire, the edifice bummed down.
In 1771...77 on the very same spot a new cathedral was erected in the manner of the Moscow St Kliment's temple, in the style of baroque. The bell-tower of the cathedral was erected in 1821...41. The project was designed by E. Vasilyev , Professor of Architecture of the Kharkov University , and approved by the famous architect Academician Stasov. The bell-tower was erected in memory of the victory of the Russian armed forces over the Napoleon armies in 1812. Carried out in the style of classical architecture, the bell-tower attracts attention by its simplicity and at the same time its grandeur. It is 89.5 metres high, its foundation being 28 metres deep. A bell weighing 1003 pounds (16048 kg) was hung up in the bell-tower.
In the years of the Great Patriotic War this unique monument of architecture had been heavily damaged by the occupants. After the liberation of the city the cathedral was restored. The big clock of the cathedral chimes hourly and the melodious sounds float above the city.
1688 -
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иллюстрация [1148 c. 205] - вид города конца 19 в. (с Покровским или Успенским собором)
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