Часовня Казанская
Chapel of Virgin of Kazan
There are three springs on the bank of Shouvoyka river near Gridino-Shouvoye village 10 km east of Egorievsk. The legend says they appeared miraculously with Kazan Virgin Mary icon in the place of bloodshed clash of 17C between the Russians and Poles.
Once the locals have decided to build a church in this place. They prepared the timber but next morning it was moved to the another bank. They took it as a joke and moved it back, but the next morning it was on the high and dry bank again. Finally they took it as a God's sign and built a church at the shown site.
Just a small chapel has been built nearby the springs but in 1966 was destroyed by the atheists who also were trying to wipe out the springs with heavy tractors. But the ill-starred God fighters had a little success. Their machines have stuck in and had to rescue themselves.
The locals believe in the healing power of the spring water. They use it to heal their bodies and souls all year around. And they are given the cure on their trust. A lot of pilgrims visit the springs on the 21st of July, The Kazan Virgin Mary Day. Now the place again is marked with a tiny chapel with a St.Virgin Mary icon inside.
с. Гридино-Шоувое, в 10 км восточнее Егорьевска
Gridino-Shouvoye village 10 km east of Egorievsk
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Virgin hram