Успенская церковь
Dormition church
The Dormition Church was founded by Russian Orthodox people from Galicia, emigrees from a Carpathian Mountain region north of present-day Czechoslovakia.
Finding no Orthodox parish in Binghamton, and experiencing tensions within Byzantine Rite Uniate parishes that they visited, a handful of these emigrees met to form a new Orthodox parish.
Fr Borisoff, the rector of the neighboring Endicott parish, contacted Archbishop Evdokim Mischersky about the potential new parish, and he, in turn, assigned Fr Elias Barna.
In addition, the parish council had obtained a Certificate of Incorporation signed both by George Bakhmeteff, Ambassador of Russia to the United States, and Michael Oustinoff, Consul General of Russia to the United States.
The consent of these 2 Russian dignitaries was necessary because the Dormition Church would be governed ultimately by the Patriarchate of Moscow and would be supported as a mission parish by the Russian Government.
The first service was held on Pascha by Fr Elias in a home of a parish member on March 22, 1915.
With the Church basement completed in January 1916, the church services were moved from parishioner homes to the basement.
The church construction was completed in October 1916, and was consecrated in November 1916 by Bishop Peter Kiekanik and Bishop Stephen Dzubay. An estimated crowd of 750 were in attendance for this celebration.
It became evident that the new emigrees were finding it difficult in adjusting to life in America. Fr Elias took a keen interest in the social welfare of the parishioners. He urged the establishment of a mutual-aid society and a reading room. These provid

Over the years parish events multiplied. Parish plays, carolling at Christmas, and Russian School for the youngsters became parish traditions. A. small hall was built from the wood of a torn-down building. Parish sponsored dinners were held in the new hal

In 1927, the Church decided to re-incorporate to prevent the property on Baxter St. from being claimed by the Bolsheviks during the Revolution. During these chaotic times, however, much and varied work was done particularly by parish organizations. St Mary's sisterhood held dinners to contribute toward church and hall furnishings. St Ann's Guild not only funded Church improvements but also aided immigrants in settlement on American soil; it later also provided scholarships to high school students

The local "R" Club functioned to bind Orthodox Christians together socially and support the newly formed church. In the 1930, under the tenure of Very Rev. Michael Perhach, an iconostas was erected and murals were painted on the ceiling of the Church. Stained glass windows were added under the pastorate of Rev. Simeon Nemetz. Under the leadership of Very Rev. Alexan

During the next 50 years to the present time, energy was directed toward the upbuilding of the liturgical, educational, and ministerial life of the parish. During the tenure of Fr John Klembara, eucharistic renewal began. Fr Boris Vlasenko instituted the

Under the pastorate of Fr Myron Manzuk, an increased number of parish members became frequent communicants. Saturday Evening Vespers attendance increased, as well. It was during this time that the parish began to celebrate Paschal Matins and Liturgy at mi

Fr Steven Belonick, the present pastor, began his duties in 1983. During the next 13 years, he built on the work of those priests who preceded him. Regular Sunday communion has become the norm for the majority of the parish community. The Church School pr

Michael Soroka, the new choir director, has continued building the Pan-Orthodox Choir, and has concurrently expanded a reader's program in the parish. Periodically, congregational singing can be heard at Sunday Liturgy. Charitable and social programs have

Two Bible Studies run throughout the year, as well as adult classes during Advent and Great Lent. Two new programs will begin this year: a study group interested in the Church Fathers, and small-group study and fellowship clusters will be developed. Please come and worship with us when you are passing through.

Бингемтон (1915 )
Binghamton, NY, 53 Baxter St., 13905
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